St. Paul's is a fellowship of believers committed to demonstrating the love of God to all people.  We want to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus.  We want to assist them in their growth in the Christian faith.  We do this in a number of ways in the Evangelism/Hospitality Ministry.  We welcome everyone to our ministry and solicit new ideas to aid in the spiritual warfare we all must face.  Are you feeling the urge to take that first step into this ministry, but are wondering how?

  • Be an Encourager:  Encourage others to deepen their relationship with our Lord through studying His Word, praying without ceasing, being regular in worship, giving thanks in all circumstances.  
  • Be a Greeter:  Sign up to be scheduled to greet at the church entrances at the service time of your choice.  Your smile, your welcome, and your handshake sets the tone for a great worship experience.
  • Welcome Center Attendant:  Be prepared to direct those you don't know around the facility and to show them what is happening that day, or even that week.  If you don't know, no worry.  Just ask a person nearby and get to know more people.  Someone will have the answer.
  • Serve at the Coffee Bar:  Set our treats in a pleasant, enticing arrangement and keep the coffee, hot chocolate or other beverages flowing, all the while encouraging conversation and community.  
  • Get new visitors to fill out information cards and pass those card on to the office.  You'll enjoy giving new folks a welcoming gift.
  • "Feed My Sheep," Jesus said.  While our Outreach Ministry leads the congregation to feed the needy in our community and around the nation and world, we in the Hospitality Ministry need your donations of food items to remove the hunger pangs of those who have come to church without breakfast.  It's fun to supply cookies, cakes, fruit, or veggies and enjoy seeing the smiles on those faces that range from 3 to 93.

There are unlimited things the Evangelism/Hospitality Ministry can do to service including sponsoring ALPHA and similar new member programs, offering testimony opportunities, and coming alongside other ministries to assist in special community outreach events.  We are only limited by the numbers of hands and feel willing to service.  If you would like to join us please click on the volunteer button.